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Whether you're a sole trader or a large company, advertising on El Toco helps you reach medical & scientific customers quickly and cheaply.

Increase the ranking of your website in minutes with our sponsored results.

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Advertising with El Toco is


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Classified and keywords-based campaigns you can start and stop at any time


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Get up and running in less than ten minutes with our streamlined process


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We don't charge for clicks, meaning your costs are known up front. Perfect for even tiny budgets
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It's flexible!

Two formats

By keyword - your website is ranked higher when users search for specific words
By genre - your website is ranked higher when users filter by a specific genre

Any timeframe

We let you start, stop, and resume adverts at no extra cost. Any unused days are refunded automatically
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It's simple!

No fiddly settings

Our process contains no hidden settings, so you can launch campaigns in minutes and get back to running your business

No need for copy

Because we're just adjusting the ranking of your website, there's no need to write a specific advert
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It's cheap!

No click-based costs

Your advert costs the same however many people click on it, making El Toco enormously cost effective

Guaranteed pricing

Your spend on El Toco is a monthly flat rate, set by you
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How it works

Bidding for keywords or genres lets you increase the ranking of every page from your website in our search results. The amount of the increase is determined by the size of your bid relative to other advertisers.

Enter your bids

You choose the genres of keywords relevant to your website and bid for each one

See the results

Any time a user enters the keywords or genres you have bid for, any relevant pages in your website get a boost in our rankings determined by the size of your bid.

Job done!

You can leave the advert running, adjust it, or stop it at any time
Make life Easier

We make life easier for website owners

Our relevance-based rankings remove the alchemy from website design. We don't care about:

  • Inbound links
  • Meta tags
  • Mobile-first design

To find out more, see our FAQs or get in touch!

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Make life Easier
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Other ways we help

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between keywords and genres adverts?

Keywords-based adverts are triggered whenever a user enters a word or phrase matching the one you have bid for.

Genres-based adverts are triggered whenever a user filters their search by a genre one you have bid for.

To target people carrying out a specific search, use keywords-based adverts. To capture a broad brush of users searching for anything in your field, use genres-based adverts.

My website is not in English, can I advertise on El Toco?

Yes. However, currently, we only index English web pages, so any pages on your site in other languages will not be collected. We will start crawling more languages very soon!

My company is not connected with medical or scientific equipment, can I still advertise?

Yes. El Toco specialises in medical and scientific equipment providers but our crawlers can handle all genres of content

Other websites are appearing before mine in El Toco's results. How do we come first?

Sponsored websites are ranked according to the size of their bids. So to increase your ranking, increase the amount you are bidding.

How do you reconcile bids in different currencies?

We translate bids into GBP (sterling) before comparing them.

My question is not listed here, what do I do?

We are keen to hear from you so please get in touch with us here.